Alann23, Ethan_Pr & Melvin Moore – How To Make A Boring Afternoon Playing Video Games More Interesting

How to make a boring afternoon playing videogames more interesting? ? By inviting the hottie @ethan_pr over! ??

It was one of those rainy afternoons, so we decided to play some videogames and chill at home with our friend Ethan ? I was about to win when he went to the bathroom and left us alone in the room… and you already know what happens whenever we are left alone… we get naughty ?

One kiss led to another, until we took our dicks out and started to jerk off ? that’s when Ethan showed up and caught us ? Only this time he decided to change his joystick for both our huge dicks and joined us ?

He started to jerk us off and then went down on his knees and opened his mouth wide for us ? He sure knows now how our dicks taste ?

If you’re into deepthroats, this one’s definitely for you ?

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