Alejo Ospina and Rocco Steele – Rocco My Biggest Fetish

If I could describe what it’s like to have Rocco inside me I would say: at first it’s anxious when I feel his wet head rubbing my ass, I get horny just feeling him raw while my ass gradually becomes swollen and soft.
the cock finds its way in and I feel how my hole stretches. the more effort I make to let the dick in, the more pleasure my ass is giving me ?

It hurts, but it hurts a lot.
It’s a mix of feelings wanting the dick to come out but also to stay. Without the dick I don’t feel pain, but without the dick I have no pleasure. I chose pleasure and accept pain.

The dick is half full and I already want it all, it seems like it’s getting bigger every inch. the deeper the better. It’s reaching places that aren’t normally touched by most men.

when it’s all in, I have to take a break to let my body get used to a whole new mass.
Rocco starts to slowly move in and out, he knows how big it is and is gentle with his movements at first. he knows how to fuck an ass.
He’s not one of those well-endowed guys who want to see you in pain to cum, no, he wants you to enjoy a big dick with as little pain as possible, giving your body time to turn everything into pleasure.

the pain is gone, my hole feels wet and soft. the cock enters and fills me with pleasure, now I want everything harder and faster, I want to feel the power of that man in me, I just want him to use me and treat me like a whore.

I would do whatever he wanted just to keep that dick coming ?

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