American Model Christopher Joyner Jerking Off

Who is Christopher Joyner?
Christopher Joyner is a handsome Instagram model and influencer who has many followers on his Instagram page, onlyfans.

Home Town, Nationality: Christopher Joyner is an American model.

Date Of Birth, Birthday, Age: Christopher Joyner was born on 12 December. Christopher Joyner is in his late 20s. He revealed this on his Instagram page when he celebrated his birthday.

Tattoo: Christopher Joyner is a lover of tattoos. Model Christopher Joyner has his body tattooed. He has his chest, arms and other body parts tattooed.

Height: How tall is Christopher Joyner? Model Christopher Joyner is 6’3 tall.

Marriage, Wedding, Wife: Christopher Joyner is not yet married. Model Christopher Joyner revealed he likes to get married and have kid.

Fiancee, Girlfriend: Christopher Joyner, the model said he is single, he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Bodybuilding, Abs, 6 Pack, Muscles, Fitness, Gym: Christopher Joyner is a gym guy who likes to workout and show his physique on his instagram page.

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