Emerson Júnior – Leaked Video

Emerson Jr., goalkeeper of Internacional, gets confused and posts nude on social network

Emerson Jr., Internacional’s goalkeeper, became a subject this Monday (30). The tattooed athlete seems to have made a mistake on the social network and ended up posting in his stories, on Instagram, a video that shows his private parts.

Facing the mirror and wearing the club’s shorts, he lowers the piece and shows everything. The video was a boomerang and soon went viral on the internet. The player received several accolades.

“The best of the Emerson Jr. it’s just that the guy pulled the piece out in the hotel bathroom and he’s wearing Inter’s shorts. The crazy guy did a f*cking boomerang in concentration,” said one Twitter user.

“Inter is really a scoundrel, they let goalkeeper Emerson Jr. go armed to CT every day. Unbelievable,” joked another. “A giant Emerson Jr by nature,” said another. “When I saw the photo of Emerson Jr., I would have been a ball boy to stay close”, said one profile.

The goalkeeper has not yet commented on the matter, as well as Internacional.

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