Nate Grimes & Nico Nova – Every Cut Is A Lie

Filmmaker Jean-Luc Godard once said, “Cinema is true 24 times a second, and every cut is a lie.” In fact, each cut hides the truth about how movies are made. In traditional cinema, these cuts hide the repositioning of actors, the restoration of lighting, lunch breaks, and so on; a lot happens between each cut. In porn these cuts hide water breaks, “fluffing”, unusable footage and so on. But when filmmaking is done right, each of those little lies is told to convey a larger truth to the audience.

But this film is unique.

Directed by Cherry Brice Jr and shot by cinematographer Rose Bush, audiences soon realize that there are no lies in this movie. That is, this video was shot in a single uninterrupted 25-minute take. And in those 25 minutes, we see the full arc of Nate and Nico’s morning date. In many ways, it feels like the most honest film we’ve ever created – and it’s a celebration of the talent we’re delighted to work with.

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