Svandylove – Andy and Sven Fuck Outdoors

Hey Guys! ? This time was unbelievable! We went to an hiking trip in the morning and we both had the biggest boners that we started making out. My boy got down on his knees and started sucking me hard. After it I turn him around & started licking his little asshole before he tried putting my hard rock in his unbelievable tight Ass. ? I fucked him so hard like never before that I have to keep care that we doesn’t get caught from any random hikers. ?
He could feel how my dick moving in his stomach. I was so horny having my dick deep inside him. Convince yourself how many sex positions we done today, unbelievable how many times I fucked this bottom boy today! ? He was moaning and screaming while getting his sporty bubble butt destroyed with so many moves! ?‍? When he was exploding with so many cum I come right after in him and spray all my load in his little boypussy ? my cum was running out of his hole and you can literally see how his hole moved in & out. ???
Enjoy the video and have fun with us !
Your Boys ~ Sven & Andy ❤️

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