vlett23xq – It’s our first morning together with Manuel Dosio

After that day when Manu said that he’s gonna allow himself feeling and accept emotions he has inside 💗 It’s a big step for him and I can relate that… but the fact is that we are both feeling so exited about each other and scary at the same moment🙈 because I want him feeling comfortable around me and doing all for it! And he’s trying to create a new reality and set his mind for that🥹 it’s so sweet! U know… when I look at his eyes I see the drive and fire 🔥 ❤️ Im feeling loved 🥰 guys honestly I’ve never been so happy before…. Only one his smile is much lighter than sun for me and when he hug me I’m somewhere out of earth 🥹❤️ I hope u will feel the same when u will watching that, because my videos with @manuel_dosio the best content I’ve ever did for u😭❤️

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